Ascendant One – Female Character Preview – Early Access – PC – F2P – KR

MV(6:48) Here is the Female character preview for Ascendant One, a brand new MOBA by Nexon/DevCat. The game is in Early Access, you only need a Nexon KR account if you want to play right now.

– Game website:

– Music Video Quick Jump: 6:48

More Ascendant One videos here:

– No IP-Block.
– Recorded in 4k (DSR)

Video recorded & edited by rendermax.

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25 thoughts on “Ascendant One – Female Character Preview – Early Access – PC – F2P – KR

  1. 해보지도 못했거늘 병신같은 운영이랑 게임시스탬 페미년 때문에 망해버려 매우 아쉽다 진짜 게임 하나는 잘 만들었는데,,,
    저 게임모션 으로 따로 마영전을 리부트 해서 내줬으면 좋겠구만

  2. Such a waste of potential. If it at least was like smite then I would be down but an isometric view like most mobas is such a let down. Why advertise such amazing detailed models if you can't even see them?

  3. how are south koreans so good at 3d animation and character models? If they actually put effort into making a proper story and open world game they could beat Japan but it seems they prefer generic cash grab games instead .-. such a waste of art

  4. I kind a wish this was like Paragon/Smite or Overwatch/Paladins. The characters appearance are wasted on top down MOBA arena.

  5. What a waste of all kinds of dev resources on a MOBA game, all the fancy visuals contribute almost nothing to the game. How many skins, motions and other shits they have to sell to make up the cost?

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