Arrays in GameMaker Studio – Part 2 (2D Arrays)

2D arrays get a little more complicated, especially when displaying them. But fear not, we’ll walk through all of it together here, and by the end you’ll be a pro!
Array Projects:

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6 thoughts on “Arrays in GameMaker Studio – Part 2 (2D Arrays)

  1. Ive noticed that sometimes there is an array written with a #, example "item_data[# 2,] = "Red potion";" What is the purpose of that? why not just put "2" in this case

  2. Dang, is that really how you do arrays? This program is shitty. Even old flash actionscript you can make a REAL array without typing in each line. for example you would simply type Array = [1,10,22,"LEVEL",12] etc etc. I don't know why adobe let their flash become obsolete, and now we have to us this type of garbage where you can't even type in a real fucking array.

  3. It's kinda frustrating that you have to type the vertical value before the horizontal one and not the other way around like we usually type coordinates

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