ARIZONA SUNSHINE PSVR PS4 Online Multiplayer HORDE MODE Gameplay Review

We are playing the long awaited Arizona Sunshine that is finally out for the PSVR on PS4! The release date is June 27. In this episode we are using the move controllers but the first time we played we used the aim controller. The aim controller works great in Arizona Sunshine! You can choose to use the teleport function or use the analogs on the aim controller to move around. We used the analogs and turned off every comfort mode we possibly could so the footage would look better. After playing for quite a long time I definitely felt some motion sickness but it wasn’t nearly as bad as a lot of psvr games. We played the single player campaign in our last video but you can playthrough the entire campaign in online multiplayer! For this episode we played the Arizona Sunshine Online Horde mode. It was actually pretty damn fun trying to survive the waves of enemies and trying to get on the leaderboards. But they developers made one huge mistake, there is no game chat. At least we couldn’t figure out how to use it, if anyone else does please let us know!!

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13 thoughts on “ARIZONA SUNSHINE PSVR PS4 Online Multiplayer HORDE MODE Gameplay

  1. I have a question, I can play with my friends on multiplayer from my psvr and them with OCULUS RIFT or HTC vive at the same time? THNKX

  2. I play AS on the HTC Vive Pro and honestly playing horde mode with my friend with Mic’s on is probably the most fun I’ve ever had with a video game EVER.

    If you’re on the fence about VR on whether it’s worth it, experiences like this make it 100% worth the price. Save the money & take the plunge you won’t regret it!

  3. Can u play wit me cuh ppl don’t even be on it and ion be having nobody to play wit my game tag is Tulane_camron13 if u decide

  4. What do you suggest for the best multiplayer games on ps4vr please? I have farpoint and love that game.. any suggestions will be appreciated

  5. Lucky you guys found somebody. every time I tried the matchmaking never found anyone. or when it did the game didn't start.

  6. That's funny. Good "hands on" review. LOL I've played with Mr.ReqqerDaze before. I think it's a little kid. o.O

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