Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) vs Pat the NES Punk in COMBAT!

The Angry Video Game Nerd faces Pat the NES Punk in a game of Combat on the Atari 2600 with the fate of their game collections at stake!
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AVGN vs Pat the NES Punk in COMBAT! Starring James Rolfe, Pat Contri, and Major Combat as Himself | Written & Directed by Pat Contri | Edited by James Rolfe and Pat Contri | Special Effects by Yoshi Vu
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24 thoughts on “Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) vs Pat the NES Punk in COMBAT!

  1. I appreciate that the voiceovers say S. N. E. S. —rather than "sness."

    Sounds like someone has a gross head cold when they say "SNESS."

  2. Just found this! Nice work, fellas. Lot of nostalgic love here. I was born in 74 and we got our 2600 when I was around five. Cheers to you both ~

  3. For being the ultimate generic video game, Combat wasn't too bad actually. If I shot my Mom while her tank or plane was still spinning, she'd get all butthurt and say "Kick a dog while she's down, why dontcha?" Then I'd ease up and she'd start shooting me the same way! Good childhood memories!

  4. 5:33 😂😂😂😂😂😂 the nerd is the best I love him 😂😂

  5. Pat and AVGN are foils
    No better example than this video
    I wish Pat could write the regular AVGN episodes

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