1v1 Soccer Drill – Heading Competition

Goal: This soccer exercise focuses on developing heading skills, deceptive movements to beat a defender and soccer specific endurance.

Football Coaching Points:

– Cooperation between players
– Deceptive movements
– Take it competitive
– Have fun
– Take care of the size of the area; make it adequate to the age group
– Take care of enough resting periods
– Place extra balls behind the wallplayers

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1 v 1 Soccer Drills

One of the most important elements of contemporary and modern soccer is 1v1 situations. The main difficulty is that during a football match players are challenged by 1 v 1 plays many times, and have to make appropriate decisions quickly in both defending and attacking situations. It requires much practice of 1v1 soccer drills to innervate good decisions, which cannot be completed without tasks focusing on personal development. Here you can find a huge number of 1v1 soccer drills involving a wide range of variations from the simplest ones to the more complex 1 v 1 soccer exercises.

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3 thoughts on “1v1 Soccer Drill – Heading Competition

  1. Ummm. The ball wouldn't necessarily be coming from where the 4 kids standing at each goal post making the toss.. That's unnatural in a real match. So this drill is kind of not helping them improve really..

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