15 Greatest Moments of Fan Service In Video Games

We would like to share 15 of our favourite moments, but of course there is way, way, way too many to fit onto a single list. In the spirit of community, make sure to share and discuss your favourite fan service moments just below in the comments. Also, last warning, there will be spoilers. Big ones, so click ahead if you intend to play anything we discuss, since these are too good to spoil for you.




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21 thoughts on “15 Greatest Moments of Fan Service In Video Games

  1. LOL…
    You missed Chaos Wars from O3 entertainment for the PS2 (you get to play as Shadow Hearts characters in that one) which was the basis for the next batch of crossover games: Capcom x Namco and Cross Edge way before Xzone.

  2. Ok ok ok, you can't just be going around saying 'Fire Emblem' without mentioning the Summer maps in Awakening, Fates, and Heroes. Have you seen the art they showed at the end (I'm looking at you, Camilla!). Not to mention the Bridal versions of some of the characters, the Valentines versions of the main characters in FE7 and FE6, as well as Christmas Tharja!

  3. The fan service that stood out to me the most was the (spoilers)

    dead Space 2 chapter where you got to walk throughout the ishumura from the first game and relive the memories of the first game while taking pleasure in the updated visuals of the ship in the second game

  4. What about finding Emil in Neir Automata? You see him roll away into a desert at the end of Nier and you find him (not actually him) 10000 years later in a machine

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