15 Games Where You Control A Giant Mech

Among the many different feelings that video games can capture, the sensation of piloting something larger than life stands out. It’s that feeling of commanding an immense machine of war, destroying all those underfoot and going up against another metal behemoth. Such feelings are few and far between these days but that doesn’t mean history isn’t full of stellar mech titles. Let’s examine 15 of them here.




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48 thoughts on “15 Games Where You Control A Giant Mech

  1. Hi I am looking for more games like Titanfall and hawken … I want to play in first person shooter and andvance games

  2. I… What? Front Mission 4…? That was probably the slowest of any of the Front Mission games. Not saying it was bad, of course, but tactics games are a slog by design, whereas, say, 1 or Evolved both had a much faster pace. Just seems an odd choice with most of the other games on the list taken into consideration.

  3. Steel Battalion was epic. I still have the controller and game for my crystal XBOX. Apart from the 40 button controller, there was also gears a brake and accelerator. You had to go through the gears to get your mech to run faster, and when at full speed, you could use the brakes to drift your mech around the corner, it was uber cool, just do not fall over!! The controller also had a dedicated eject button that you could use to escape your mech if it was injured. If you did not eject in time, and you died in your mech, your game save was deleted!! savage.

  4. We need more co op mech games with ongoing mission options. Titanfall with an ongoing MMO like world where missions keep coming up would be fantastic. Capcom would do well to make another Techromancer too.

  5. Fuch these anime mech games, there's too many of them and not enough western titan games like Battlefield 2142, Hawken, and Dawn Of War: Ultimate Apocalypse.

  6. Chromehound was the best Mech game. Hawken was cool for second before it became a comment section full of A Holes.

  7. MAKE THIS A GAME… GLADIATOR MECHS.. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYv1veCs_4cmFYthvq6EQ_pUKcbE72TPs

  8. I got another great Mech game for you to add to your list , you should check it out ,
    Its called Battle Titans available threw app store , free , free to win , no adds , all skill based aswell as customizing , appears as , B.oT in the app store

  9. Shoutout to Project Nimbus, and its PS4 Port Project Nimbus: Code Mirai which is going to FINALLY get the second half of the game, Rise Mirai. its a super-fast-paced aerial combat mecha which is compared to Zone of the Enders and Mobile Suit Gundam a lot. its a bit clique, but you can tell the creators LOVE the mecha genre and flight-sims as references are all over the place

  10. I was rather surprised to see that Ring of Red and Robot Wars(The one with the weird intro, Japanese political drama, cast of ragtag "volunteers" and odd dub cast) are not on this list. Are all the Front Mission games like FM4 or is that particular game an exception?

  11. I was really hoping you’d get to Virtual On. First PC game I bought myself, and played them long into the Dreamcast and PS years! Still got my Temjin model set up 🙂

  12. Hawken es un buen juego.
    Yo lo tengo para el one , pensando que sería un juego tonto para sacar los 1000 G
    Pero me quedé adicto debido a que la mecánica me recordaba a Titanfall
    Y es adictivo por la variedad de Mechs.

  13. I'm glad to see MechAssualt 2: Lone Wolf on here. I STILL play it on my old Xbox. I loved the first one too.

  14. No love for Chromehounds? Building mechs from the ground up and putting a ridiculous paint job/decals is where it's at.

  15. This is beyond sad, whomever wrote this before it was videoed didn't include better titles like gundam journey to kabuto and armored core 3, there's tons more

  16. Have you all not played Armored Core 3? Or 4?

    If you went with either of those instead of 2 you wouldn't need so many cheeky caveats because 3 (and even 4) are much better than 2.

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