🔴Game Maker Studio 2 | Basics – Collectibles/Array

This basic video tutorial shows you how to create collectibles in gamemaker studio with a very simple data structure. Arrays. This tutorials is for you if you don’t know what arrays are and how you can store data so collectibles can be collected only once.

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5 thoughts on “🔴Game Maker Studio 2 | Basics – Collectibles/Array

  1. You probably could set the apples to destroy in the "Room Start" event. It's clever but if you have, say, 100 Stars to collect, memorizing each Star's "index" would be a total schlep. It'd be really easy to mess up and give two Stars the same index and that's the kind of debugging that'd take hours.

    One solution I've seen is where there's a obj_Collectables which cycles through every room in the game and looks for obj_collectablePlaceholder and then adds those positions to an array, then when the room starts it checks if there are collectables in the room and creates them if they haven't been flagged as collected.

  2. A good video,with good explanation. I found you by total accident and glad I did.. keep up great work!! I will start to catch up on all you other vids this weekend.. And make sure to tell others to check your Ch..

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